Yes it´s Friday, that time of week where we look back on the week and do a round up of the stories that got us blogging:

Monday saw the onset of sever Mondayitis but we tried to cure that with a slew of robot stories like one about a Robo-monk that was made from used parts such as a washing machine motor and a cassette tape recorder.


NEC promised 3D monitors in the future with a teaser press release..


A new map of Earth was unleashed by NASA and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This map can measure land temperature and climatic changes so we can see just how fast climate change is happening...

Oh and ´we talked about technology that can reproduce an image from somebodies thought brainwaves!


Brought up the topic of copyright and how one of the founders of Creative Commons is pushing for copyright law to get with the times dammit (not his exact words).

Friday we had a little look at a freaky 3d profile application that can create breathing, smiling, blinking and generally creepy looking avatars, even of your own image…

Have a great weekend!


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