Warm, Cool Biz technology

If you´ve ever lived in Japan, you´ll now it gets very, extremely soggy and wet during the summer months. So much so that you can´t walk anywhere without sweating like a pig when you finally do get to your destination.

If I´m grossing you out already, it is for a reason-

You´ve probably heard of Cool Biz, the campaign encouraged by the government to cut back on airconditioning and the effect this has on climate change. The policy allows for workers to wear just a short sleeved shirt and no tie rather than the whole ridiculous formal long sleeved shirt/tie/coat shebang that is usually ok for winter.

Here´s an ice suit (Japanese pdf), more like an ice pack really that let´s you store it in a coat pocket near your arm pits made by Haruyama. Not sure whether i´d wear it but then again it´s not meant for me.

But what to do in winter? Start a Warm Biz campaign of course! Same eco saving idea, and companies get to spruik their new improved thermal underware ranges.

This one uses special ceramic particles that heat up the body. To quote ¨It emits far-infrared rays that warm up the body from inside.¨Toasty.

Via Crunchgear


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