If I had just one superpower, as stupid and small scale as it sounds, I would want to be able to take photos just by blinking my eyes. (the other powers would include to be able to cure cancer and create world peace etc..)

I´d like to think I´d be a famous oddball photographer by now, but those dreams were shattered when someone, I like to call him ¨No way Jose¨, asked how I´d share said photos in my brain with other people. I don´t know Jose, ask a hypethetical question, get a hypothetical answer!

Ha! Science has finally caught up my friend..

Back in May this year, scientists figured out a way to reproduce an image that a person looks at by monitoring the person´s brainwaves!

The research group of Yukiyasu Kamitani, head of the Department of Neuroinformatics at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, were the pioneers of this technology.

The images and letters seen by a subject (top row) and their reproductions as determined from brain activity (below).¨When people look at something,...neurons in the visual cortex reproduce the visual information in the shape of the image within the brain.¨say the researchers.

It works by monitoring the oxygen and blood levels in the brain after neurons are activated in the visual cortex.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) this data can reconstruct the image the person has seen.

The only drawback is that it´s kinda blurry with more complex images and hard to figure out unless you know what the image was before hand.

Dang.Foiled again..But for how long?


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