In Mondayitis new distractions this week-

How much do you need to know the evolution of the Nintendo console? You don´t really but it´s a fun way to spend your time pretending to work.
From the first boxy console with the black cross and 2 red buttons in the 70´s and 80´s, to the present day Wii remote controller where all you have to do is move your arms or point and shoot at the screen, it´s a short and sweet article down memory lane. If you´re not old enough to remember any of the consoles, what are you doing crawling outside your crib?

Remember learning the periodic table? Boring hey? Students in the land of the rising sun won´t have that problem when it comes to memorizing the elements if they have this book, ¨Elemental Girls¨, that uses cute manga female drawing to help teach students about the elements.

The info included is the melting point the boiling point and for example a character dresses in her element so to speak and maybe with a speach bubble.

For example Hydrogen is a fairy, ¨light as air¨, and Gold is resplendant in well, her element with the title ¨dazzling through the ages¨.

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