Moon uranium

You know that Japanese probe ¨Kaguya¨ that crashed into the moon last week and left behind an HD movie of its landing? Well its swan song was the discovery of uranium under all that moondust.

Plans for lunar nuclear power plants have now been dusted off and given another once over
by official astrogeeks involved with the Kaguya space probe. They´re mulling over the possibility of permanent human settlements on our natural satellite, harvesting the uranium once it runs out on Earth.

There are also talks of plans to ferry the metal in special sealed containers to mimimize radioation on the astronauts ferrying them from Moon to Earth, according to Softpedia.

The astrogeeks are patting each others backs over the potential of mining the precious element on the Moon. Did they forget something? This is uranium, which isused on earth for fuel, electricity and, oh yeah, nuclear weapons not to mention the dangers of entering the earth´s atmosphere with an unstable radioactive nuclear element that is known for its ability to spontaneously fission.

Lunar mapping expeditions are now underway despite my feeble protests.

Via Softpedia


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