Solar Panel mobile phones

So I know Gizmodo unearthed the newest solar powered mobile phone by Samsung just last month (June 09) seling for a cheapo $59..

but when I saw this solar panelled phone by talented Japanese threesome Mile for iida cellphones , I literally swooned (and I´m not an easy swooner).

So beautiful, so simple and so green...
The company behind this concept model works on the buddhist idea of universal soup, where everything liquifies and merges with everything else in perfect harmony.

Unfortunately ¨commericalisation is yet to be determined¨ according to their website. (T.T)´s ok, I´ll wipe away my tears even though I could already see myself tripping out, high on my own happiness in a lush field of grass, making daisy chains and laying back on the grass, just like the solar panel phone (which to my knowledge has no other name) which doubles as display and recharge its batteries with the wholesome rays of the sun.

This lil beauty also teases us with camera, email, camera, music player and Internet features.



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