Japanese electronics in the red

Despite the generally great reputation Japanese people have for recycling, this years results for best green company by Greenpeace shows the same attitude does not extend to the country´s manufacturers of technology.

As the figure shows, Nintendo is trailing well behind all other consumer electronics companies and yet another Japanese telecommunications and electronics company Fujitsu, which has come in second last.

But on the up side, Toshiba is coming in at a tie for 5th position with Motorola.

Sony Ericsson, the Japanese/Swedish joint venture is also coming up trumps with the second position after Nokia.
.but does that still count as a Japanese victory if HQ is in London and research and deveopment is in a smattering of places around the world?

In Tokyo the council wards inform people of exactly how to prep and separate garbage for the 3 nights of the week they pick it up. Why are Japanese tech Co.´s slacking off like this if the infrastructure for domestic recycling in Tokyo is extremely well organized and should be a source of inspiration for other countries to adopt?

I even got severely reprimanded by my ex neighbour for not separating my garbage properly or taking off the lids or paper around my plastic bottles- even had my garbage inspected later that night by the same neighbour. Wouldn´t it be great if my ex neighbour could do that to Nintendo´s products?

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