Mondayitis...Wii as new criminal sketch artist

Monday has reared its ugly head around again, so let´s cut to the chase with some useless distractions:

Police Departments take note, instead of paying an ol´fashioned pad and pencil artist to sketch out your wanted criminal, why not just use the Wii´s Mii feature to create an avatar based on his/ her features?

That´s what Police did in Kanagawa prefecture early in Feb this year, in connection with a trashed car wanted poster.

Maybe not as hi tech as the Motion Portrait avatars we blogged about last week, but still..could work.

In other bits and pieces, you´d think that to get 83,485 Subscribers on Youtube, you´d have to put on a whole song and dance number.
Not so for 23 year old youtube sensation Magibon who just sits in front of her camera, bats her pretty eyelashes and says....nothing.
Maybe it´s because of this (and her tiny face, huge eyes and big boobs) that she´s so popular in Japan?

Magibon who spoke to Pingmag says that people say they are moved by her videos,
Because it’s a like a blank slate, it can be whatever you want it to be. There are a lot of other videos on YouTube — some of the most watched ones — that have a lot of arguing and negativity, and then you have my videos, with just silence, maybe just a smile, or a wave. To some people, that’s really meaningful for them, to just make everything stop for a minute, and have someone just smile at them.¨

She is actually from Pensilvania but one day picked up a camera and decided to record herself being her, and speaking Japanese because she always like Japan.

I´m confused about this girl, is she just a lucky moron? Or is she actually smarter than you and me? She´s certainly richer now thanks to her videos, and tapped into something bigger than her: a pretty blank slate all the more real because of her mundanity. Maybe she is a video artist, making her living using easily accessible and distributed technology for mass consumption. Either way she´s still going strong even after 2 years so she must be doing something right..


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