So I know we´ve been covering alot of Robot stories this week ...and here´s another one.

Those clever lil geeks at Waseda’s Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering in Tokyo unveiled a robot who can express emotions with body language to boot last Tuesday 23rd June.

The researchers say the Emotional Humanoid Robot is a first of its kind and can pout and hunch his shoulders and everything if you tell him your sob story.

Here´s your future nurse if your in Japan in the next few years and encounter an unfortunate accident, as researchers plan to develop him a bit more and then make him a nurse.

But don´t worry, he´s easy to relate to. He ain´t just wires and plastic, he can show up to 7 emotions including happiness, anger, fear, disgust, suprise and sorrow.

He also has ¨soft human like hands¨to help her human friends.

The project was aided by Professor Atsuo Takanashi, and robot manufacturer Tmsuk, based in Kitakyushu, southern Japan.

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